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This looks like a great library to take your Rails javascript interactions up a notch without adding something like Alpine (or even more heavy-handed).

Stimulus Use

A collection of composable behaviors for your Stimulus Controllers

What’s in your Gemfile? These are some of my favorite posts. I also need to create a list of my favorite/most often used gems soon.

Gemfile of dreams

I did a little digging and found an option for a Bauer 2 POM plate.

I would not be this excited for a piece of Polyoxymethylene. 😄

I went through Turbo Rails Tutorial (free e-book).

Overall, it is a helpful guide to seeing how all the Turbo/Hotwire pieces fit together.

It is free now, so no real gripes with it. But, if I could change anything I would have liked to see a git repository with the bare-bones structure in place. Copying and pasting a bunch of CSS just adds unnecessary busy work.

Fun little health food hack.

I purchased a couple cheap Silicone Air Fryer Liners. They make it very convenient to quickly cook various white fish for lunch with almost zero cleanups (just throw them in the dishwasher).

Today’s flounder below (about 9 minutes at 375)

Flounder AfterFlounder Before

Only Thing Worse Than Layoffs are Slow Drawn Out Layoffs

I cannot comment on the specifics of the Microsoft layoffs, but one thing in the announcement jumped out to me as particularly bad:

…with some notifications happening today

Yuck. The rest of the 100K+ employees just get to sweat it out for the rest of the year. Maybe the news broke before they were fully ready, but this is not an acceptable way to treat your employees (especially when your pockets are as deep as Microsoft’s).

I have worked through a couple major layoffs. The second was full of remote employees, and the founder wanted to take the time to talk to each employee affected. I knew I was safe and who would ultimately be let go. It was a dreadful day of waiting for everyone (obviously worse for those let go).

Extending this longer than today should be a crime.

On my desk, the last week or so has been the excellent Bauer 2 sporting some APL keycaps.

Hidden below is a full brass bottom…why? Just because.

All this board really needs is a POM plate.

Bauer 2 with APL KeycapsBauer Brass Bottom

Did you ever want to have a conversation with a book?

Pick a book to talk to

Jack Ryan - Season 1 - 8/10 on the treadmill watchability index.

I rearranged my office over the long weekend

  • Back to a multi-monitor setup. I have been team one larger monitor for the last few years, but I felt like some of the work I have been doing benefits from having more fixed windows.
  • I moved my desk back against the wall. It had been floating in the room for the last couple of years. I prefer not to stare at a wall in the background, but a floating desk that can also be stood at gets messy on the backside. In addition, the internet speed is nearly 1 Gbps when plugged in vs. 300/400 MPs over wifi.
  • Removed the XLR mic and went with an Elgato Wave 3 USB mic. In quick testing, it seems more than adequate for my needs and does not require a Cloud booster, Focusrite Scarlett, extra cables, etc.
  • Moved my Anker camera to the top of my MBP instead of the separate arm. Minor change, but one less thing on my desk. I still find it pathetic that Apple has not shipped a better laptop camera. It is cute I can use my iPhone, but who wants to go through all that effort every day.
  • Semi-related, I disabled “Displays have separate spaces.” I heavily use spaces and typically have a space for specific tasks with keyboard shortcuts. Once each display has its own space, this gets messy. The downside is I cannot just dock a window in a display across all spaces.

I mentioned the new Rails Docked option a couple of weeks ago. However, until watching Drifting Ruby’s Rails Docked video, I did not fully grasp how simple a process of setting up a new rails project could be.

Recommended Book: Die With Zero

The first completed book of 2023 is Die With Zero by Bill Perkins (@bp22).

I heard about this book a couple of years ago, but I thought it was a “fuck the kids and spend it all” kind of book. I was very wrong.

Instead, the book focuses on the following:

  • Understand how much money you need for the rest of your life and adjust your work habits based on this (slow down when you have enough, find more meaningful work, etc.)
  • Do your best to have amazing experiences sooner than later. We often push things off for the future, but as you age (and your loved ones as well), your ability to enjoy those experiences in a meaningful way diminishes
  • Don’t wait until you die to give money to your children, charities, etc. Like you, a $1 today is far more valuable than a $1 tomorrow.

The audio version of the book takes about 4 hours (I think) on 1.2x speed and is worth a listen.

Quick Tip: This All the Hacks interview made me reconsider reading/listening to the book.

VSCode Short Cut for currently open files: control+tab.

I forget this one often and have to use the regular command+p and search through all of my projects' files. Hopefully, sharing this helps me to remember it….again control+tab. 😄

All The Hacks - is a fantastic podcast on life, money, and travel. I have been binging it for a couple of weeks now. Highly recommended.

NFL Playoffs 2023 Week One Pics

Here are my pics for round 1 of the playoffs

  • 49ers (-9) over Seahawks - It looks like 49ers hit a moonshot with Purdy.
  • Jags over Chargers - Jags +1.5, the money line is tougher. Both coaches are gamblers, but Peterson has actually won in the past.
  • Bills (-13.5) over Dolphins - 13.5 is a significant number, but I doubt this one will be within 20 points.
  • Giants (+3) over Vikings - The Giants will win and do not need the points.
  • Ravens (+9) over Bengals. - The Bengals will win since the Ravens cannot score, but 9 is too many points. If it comes out that the Ravens hate Lamar, I could be swayed.
  • Buc (+2.5) over the Cowboys - My hate for the Cowboys might cloud my judgment, but they have not looked great. My guess is the Cowboys will win, but it is close because Dak is Dak.

I would hate to see Tweetbot go, but considering Twitter makes zero revenue from it, and it has no ads, I am not shocked.

Even the Twitter blue folks only get to skip a portion of the ads.

I enjoy the three extra clicks it takes to do a traditional call instead of using huddles. #neverhuddles

The SaaS Playbook - a new book by @robwalling - will be an instant purchase once available.

I didn’t realize Bullet Train was now open source (it looks like you have to pay to use Stripe, but that feels very fair).

I have not dug too deeply into yet, so no opinion other than it is probably worth looking through it before you start your next project.

U.S. Stock Market Returns by Year

Interesting overview of 1872-2022. 2022 felt extremely painful but apparently it was minor compared to 2008.

Not bad for midafternoon Saturday. I was planning on just hanging out at a coffee shop most of the morning in NYC, but listened to a large chunk of Dying with Zero and just walked.

I could do the hipster thing.

Migrating from a Postgres Cluster to Distributed SQLite with LiteFS

I love me some Postgres, but the SQLite with LiteFS (via @flydotio) just sounds fun.

After nearly 12 years, we finally moved from $redis on KickoffLabs to REDIS.

All it took was Standard to yell at me for a week or so (and my inability to disable the rule in this project 😄)


I have been a user of CommandTabPlus for years, but it is not working reliability anymore. I am unsure if this relates to Ventura or whatnot, but it was time to move on.

AltTab does everything in CommandTabPlus, but with more reliability (and it is free/open source).

The only feature it is missing is an option to group windows from the same apps, but for anyone who uses OS X spaces and wants to ensure CMD+Tab only shows windows in the current space, AltTab is a great tool.

In addition, I like the option of having multiple keyboard shortcuts to cycle through windows differently.

I am currently using three:

  1. cmd+tab - windows in the current space
  2. option +` - active app in the current space
  3. option + tab - active app in all spaces